It is claimed that over 50,000 products could be made from the Cannabis plant. However, in order to maximise the output and quality of a specific characteristic (phenotype), requires the “hunting” of Cannabis plants with observed or known dominant traits, isolating and stabilizing these traits for mass production to meet market demand.

Motherland Genetics are “Pheno-Hunters” and “Cannabis Breeders” . We are one of the few black South African cannabis genetic research and preservation companies. We search the local and global cannabis landscape to identify and secure rare and sort-after cannabis genetics demanded by Cannabis connoisseurs.

Our work involves selecting various landrace and heirloom genetics from reputable breeders with high THC, high CBD and high CBG strains, storing and pheno-hunting them to produce local strains with unique features and benefits to our customers.

Motherland Genetics works with South African research institutions and reputable growers to ensure that our research is robust and that our genetics are of the highest possible quality. Our genetics are offered in regular, feminised and auto- feminised seed form, as well as a wide variety of selected and tested clones for commercial growing.

Motherland is one of the most reputable cannabis brands in the country having worked with some of the oldest and most recognized cannabis figures in the local industry

Motherland is dedicated to working with and supporting other legal cannabis start ups and has a reputation for being a community orientated firm, assisting subsistence growers to succeed. The firm teaches rural farmers best practices in cannabis cultivation and how to grow good quality medical grade cannabis while providing them with good quality start-up kits.