The container has 2 grow bays, one on each side as well as a partition that separates the pump room from the flower room.

The container is able to grow 224 plants in total in Grodan Hugo 6″ rockwool blocks with floraflex distribution caps and irrigation manifolds. The container is powered by 8 x Zeus 600w Pro led lights. I have attached the spec sheet on the LED systems as well as the controller for the lights. The lights are incredibly efficient and provide similar or even better output than a 1000w DE HPS system, whilst only consuming 600w and only requiring 40% of the cooling requirements needed by the 1000w DE HPS systems.

The container will require a router with 2,4ghz wifi band in order to operate the system from a phone or tablet remotely. The irrigation, air-conditioning, dehumidification, and air movement are all controllable over an app from anywhere that you can connect to the internet. a Wifi CCTV camera system with video and sound both ways allows you to always be able to keep an eye on the crop without having to physically be there.

In order to properly benefit from any of the above systems, an experienced grower with great knowledge of the phenotype you want to cultivate, optimal management of growing conditions as well as the correct nutrient feeding schedule should give you a yield of between 4kg and 9kg per harvest. Please bear in mind that your choice of strain can have an immense effect on the quality and quantity of your harvest.