Rhizo – PGRP 100g


Porridge For Plants
100% Natural
Plant Defence & Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria
Plants and seeds, including cannabis, host beneficial microbial communities within their tissues and organs. These communities contribute to plant growth, nutrient uptake, pathogen resistance and production of plant secondary metabolies.
Proprietary blend of rhizobacteria:
• Aerobic 8x10e8/g
• Anaerobic 7,8x10e8/g
• pH= 5.0-8.5

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Usage Instructions per plant:

For granular soil mixture For liquid mixture For inoculating seeds
Mix 5g Rhizo-PGPR (1 teaspoon) with the soil before planting.


Ensure that the Rhizo- PGRP mixes evenly throughout the soil.

Mix 5g Rhizo- PGPR (1 teaspoon) with 500ml clean water. Water the soil around the plant and mix into the soil around the roots.


Can be used in weekly or monthly interval, depending on the specific requirements.

Mix 2,5g Rhizo-PGPR (1/2 teaspoon) with c250ml Clean or distilled water.


Inoculate seeds for 30 to 60 min before planting.

Storage Instructions:

Store in a dry environment, away from direct or indirect moisture, close to 25’C. Heat stable product safe in storage temperature up to 50’C.


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